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Vist Eldorado

This is my brother's website. Pretty cool place. You can find critical review on movies. A biography on Ken Shamrock. A good place to steal some interesting HTML codes as well. Of course, the will be our little secret (wink wink).

Fat Sacs Inc.

If it isn't fat then it isn't worth eating.

It's da fat
Edge & Christian Shrine

This web site is done by our very own Logan Legacy from Fat Sacs. This web site is dedicated to the two crazy guys in WWF who go by the name Edge and Christian.

Popcorn Avenger's Enterprise Website

Popconrn Avenger's very own site. A nice looking website. If your are interested in the new Star Trek series this place is a must.

Mattdogg's Tazz Website

And yet another web site developed by the hardest working man on the Internet. The one and only Mattdogg.

the queen
The Choke Slam

This web site is tributed to Undertaker and Kane, and yep you guest it, done by the one and only Mattdogg.

MattDogg's Juggalo Funhouse

This web site is done by MattDogg who is apart of Fat Sacs Inc and if you love ICP; you will love this site.

Bay College
A web site made by students for students. I went to the same high school (Riverbank, California) with one of the students who helped design this web site.

Hamilton X

This web page was developed by my evil twin.

Stephanie McMahon

"Bow down to her. GO ahead and bow down to her." Okay, no more lines from the PRINCESS BRIDE, even thou you have to admit it is a great movie. This web site is done by our very own popcorn avenger. Visit here or you just might get the SLAP.

The Walls of Jericho

This website is done by our very own Logan Legacy. He also did the web site dedicated to edge and that other guy.

Arsenic Cookie

Now there are four cool people living in Modesto. Four out of 200,000. Arsenic is an element which causes cancer, cool. This website kicks arse and I love the pics. Makes me almost want to shop at SPencer. good links to great music. and if you love snakes...

Liz Art

Original art from Liz herself. Another person who I went to school with. Hey, what can I say RHS was just a talent producing machine. Not to sound like a pervert, but if Arsenic Cookie, Kirk, and Liz every want to play strip poker, just say so.

Wateland 19
In the ultimate of underground TV. want a free copy of our show just send us your PO BOX and well might send it to ya depending if we are busy or not, so most likely we'll send you a tape.

Oh god (oh dios), I hope I didn't spell her name wrong, that would be very embarassing. She likes star wars and lord of the rings. Also you can read her diary online for the voyuerist inside of us all.

Satony 78

Satony 78 has been to Europe, Korea, Boston, New York City, and are you ready for this: Sacramento. After being to all these cool places and then ending up at Sacramento sounds really bizarre. She was born in Japan and her favorite TV show is Alley McBeal. I hope she likes the banner I made for her.

Fats Juggalo's Jaggalo Page

Sorry, this webpage is only for real juggalos (and whatever they call female juggalos: juggalas). This has really cool originals songs by Fats Juggalo himself, warning some of the songs talk about eating peoples brains, so I must warn you that this site contains very explicit content.