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Julie Brown's Personal Web-Page
I believe this web-page was actually done by Julie Brown herself, but it migh be a trick, like that guy who pretended to be trent reznor on the Internet and really wasn't. That Bastard!

Melissa Benson's Art Work
One of my favorite artist who worked with the Magic: The Gathering card game. Her art work is very intense and it seems she has a love for the undead. You could buy her work online; It is a little too expensive for me.

Dark Links
Links to all the strange and gothic websites that you ever care to know.

Why am I putting music in Strange links, well, its none of your business and if you must know, it is because I am an IDIOT.

Darling Nikkie
Lead singer of LORD OF ACID

Rob Zombie
Hear Rob sing a song about dead girls...Again. Other than the dissapointment of his second CD, this web site is really cool. I remember the good old days of White Zombie. wait a minute those days were neither good or old.

A place where you can find wacky animated .gifs.