a beautiful smile
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Satoko and Dan

I made it a mission to take as many pictures of people I know at school: CSU Sacramento. Actually, there are not too many interesting people living in sacramento, but here are a few. Satoko above is from Japan and has a beautiful smile. She is a comminication major. She has been around the world and has her own webpage, which is on my links.

the guy in this picture is Dan the man. He doens't have his own webpage, but he should make one. dan was born in the USA. DAN WAS BORN IN THE USA HE WAS BORN IN THE USA. sorry, I use to look at a lot of musicals when I was a kid, so sometimes I just have to break out in song.

Oh MI GOD dan is holding a seperate human hand. What a freak, no wonder no one wants to hand around him.

You just can't get enough dan Okay enough of dan (he is such a camera hog) and more about Satoko. She is nice, even thou I think she thinks I am kind of weird. I wonder why?

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