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Not Again?
I had this really great idea that I would grow some fascial hair and take pictures of my different styles. I actually thought that this would be an interesting idea, boy was I wrong. anyway, I give it to ya one more time, and I hope my comments are at leasts worth a bundle of lauffs. You may also notice that my spelling and grammar is absoulitly horrible. I am one of those gifted and rare people who are not very good at anything. It may surprise you that I don't reread my sentences (okay maybe not). I think has to do with my extremelly low attention chocolate, damn I really like Star Trek is coming out with a new movies. I can't...What was I talking about??????

A picture of one of those eggs with no yoke inside. WOW, you don't see those everyday. Not only is it an egg with no yoke inside it is also from Japan. A japanesse hallow chicken egg, a collectors' item indeed. It will probably go for 1 to 5 cents. Money in the bank.

And yet another picture of me, but this time I have a goatie, Goat TIE, Goat whatever.

perdon for the artsy-fartsy picture. And hello who is this lovely fellow, oh nevermind it's just me.

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