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Strange Universe

This page main purpose is to inform anyone who cares about strange myths and truly bizarre facts. This is somewhat like Kevin Nealon's THE CONSPIRACY THEORY, but less original. I also got this idea from the TV program called Strange Universe, so I basically stole that name and stole all their ideas, so this should be interesting.

Picture Description
Skull Man
This Skull man last has been seen in the small towns of Riverbank (CA) and Ceres (CA). He's specialty is collecting peoples' skull when they are asleep. No one knows where this crept can be found. He is known of sneaking into peoples' houses when they are asleep, so watch out. Some may say that he doesn't exist and they may be right, but for your sake, I would stop sleeping with the window open.
Albert Einstein
The man who made us think twice about space and time. He was born in Ulm, Bermany on March 14 1879. He created e=mc2 in 1905. He got the nobel prize in physics in 1921. "Imagination is more important than Knowledge" and "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
Shahzia Sikander
She is a minature painter. Paintings don't always have to be big. Born in Pakistan (1969) and lives in New York City (nueve York ciudad). Minature painting reminds me of that TWILGIHT ZONE episode with Robert Duvall.
No not the disney Cartoon, the real thing. Atlantis has always been a mystery to us, ever since that bone head Greek philosopher Plato (2,400 years ago) said, "There were earthquakes and floods of extraordinary violence," wrote plato, "and in a single dreadful day and night...the island of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the Sea" (from ACNIENT MYSTERIES by James and Thorpe). Could Plato be referring to a lost city in Turkey or could Atlantis be found underneath the SOuth Pole (antartica).
In Hawaiian folk lore (or religion, since both are basically the same) She is the volcano goddess or goddess of fire. If you remove one of her volcanic rock from the island then you will be cursed and bad luck will follow forever and ever, or until you die or return the damn rock. OF course, I personally don't believe in the supernatural, but that's just me.
Jim Rose: The Freak Master
Yep, the one and only leader of the Jim Rose's circus. He has women sumo wrestlers, can't get any stranger than that. He has wrote a book called Freak Like Me. He is also in the Nine Inch Nails video: CLOSURE. I am not sure if he lives in Florida or Californai, but he does do tours around the US and Europe ( Perdon Americano Sur. I took two pics from their offical web site, but I can not put up their link, since their web site contains hardcore images and if I do the Man with shut me down (just kidding, Tripod, I love you and you are my lord and master). So check out Jim Rose and his freaks yourself, you will not be sorry, unless you do not enjoy freakshows.