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My Top Ten Sci-Fi and Horror Movies


This movie is directed by Sam Raimi and stars the one and only Bruce Campbell. This movie is not your typical horror-comedy. This movie takes place deep in the woods in a creepy log cabin.


Sleepy Hollow
If you love decapitations, you will love this movie. Sleepy Hollow, directed by Tim Burton, contains one decapitation per scene (1 dps). This movie was directed by Tim Burton, one of my favorite directors, which would explain the over-all creepiness of the entirE film. The gothic music was done by Danny Elfmann, of course, and I would have to agree that Christopher Walkin did a bang-up job protraying the head-less horseman, back when he had a head.


The Star Wars Trilogy
I consider all three episodes to be one really long movie, because we could't have Empire Strikes Back without Star Wars and Return of the Jedi wouldn't make any sense without Empire . I do not consider Phantom Meance a part of the Trilogy, since it is too new. Don't get me wrong, I liked Episode One, but I still have to say that it was nothing compared to the first three. And yes George Lucas was raised in Modesto, but I doubt that he will ever be coming back to his home town.


All of the Star Trek Movies
That's right everyone of them, even number 5, which was directed by William Shatner, who is famous for his TEK-novels. No need for pictures, since you could just visit my Star Trek page and you will see an entire page dedicated to the Star Trek Movies.


Neo follow the white rabbit you dork. I have to say I loved this movie, except for switch's lame death scene. Humans are nothing more than battries for machines who we created. I also liked the idea about human-beings being virsus, instead of mammals, which would explain a lot of things.


Army of Darkness
Remember to shop smart, shop S-Mart. Ash is probably one of my favorite action figures that I own, and no I don't believe that I am too old to be playing with toys.


The Omega Man
This movie was a fantasy come true. I would love to be the last person on Earth. Charlton Heston is the only man alive on planet Earth, except for those flesh-eating freaks, hey wait a minute, this movie isn't to far from reality. 3.

I am talking about the orginal Norman Bates. Look for Pysco quotes on my quotes page. Norman Bates is played by Anthony Perkins. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock (1960).


White Zombie
The zombie master Bela Lugosi.


Brain Dead
This movie is also called DeadAlive . Remember to watch the unrated version; it's a must see. Directed by Peter Jackson.