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This is not what you think. I am not listing every movie I actually hate because that list would be waaaaay too long, so I am listing the top ten movies that are sooo bad that we are forced to watch these bad-bad movies over and over again. I am talking movies that are chessy and not mean spirited like The Invisible Maniac , so don't get too angry if you find that I am dissin' one of you favorite movies, because all the movies in this list are somewhat being worshiped in a kind of Cult/Ed Wood kind of way and I promise you that ever movie in my list I have least watched more than once.


Glen or Glenda
Is she a man or is he a woman, well, the only way your going to find out is by watching this movie. This movie was directed and by Ed Wood (Who also plays the main character) and features Bela Lugosi. I was tempted to put this movie in my favorite pick section, but I figured that is would be better to put it here.


The Toxic Avenger (1985)
Directed by Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman. Genre: Comedy/horror. Rated: R. If there is a uncut version I am pretty sure I saw that one, since it was exxxtremly violent. I have seen this movie about ten times and I don't know why. I guess it was because I was a little kid. Remember this quote, "What's the matter sheriff, got any guts."


Plump Fiction (1997)
That's right, I am not making this up, a parody of Pulp Fiction. I didn't even finish watching this movie, despite the fact it was only 82 minutes. I couldn't get through the Natural Blonde Killer skit, hey I'm sorry but my ears got sore, try watching a movie using headphones and you would agree. Directed and written by Bob Koherr. Genre: comedy. Rated: R. Stars: Julie Brown, Dan Castellaneta (aka Homer Jay Simpson), and Tommy Davidson from In Living Color. The one thing I kind of like from this movie was the "Reservoir Nuns" skit and some of the beginning was interesting as well.


RobotJox (1991)
A movie about two humans that go inside oversized robots and battle it out to the death, usually over land, such as Alaska. Rated: PG. Directed by Stuart Gordon. This, of course, being a Sci-Fi movie, which I have seen more than twice and probably would have seen again, if the tape didn't break.


Tank Girl (1995)
Sci-Fi/Comedy. Directed by Rachel Talalay. Stars Lori Petty as Tank Girl and Malcolm McDowell, who looks like he just stepped of the stage of Star Trek: Generation, as Kesslee. I don't remember much of this movie, except Ice-T dressed like a Kangroo.


Red Heat (1988)
An Action/Comedy with Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Belushi seemed like a good idea at the time. Rated: R.


Judge Dredd (1995)
Directed by Danny Cannon. Genre: Sci-Fi. Rated: R. This movie is about cops who are both judge and jury. The main character is played by the one and only Sylvester Stallone and remember "I am the law!".


Toxic Avenger II
Rated: R. The Toxic Avenger goes to Japan. This movie is not as evil or sick as the first one.


Citizen Kane
I'm just kidding. So don't send me bomb threats in my E-mail. I really enjoyed this movie and it might not be my favorite, but it is a damn good movie.


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Plan 9 from Outer Space (1958)
This movie rocked. I have seen it already two times. Directed and written by Edward D. Wood Jr. and it is a combination of horror and sci-fi, when aliens try to take over the world by resurrecting the dead or something like that. It is a must see, so be sure you rent or buy this cult classic. This movie is not rated.