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Here is a normal average guy during the day, but when the sun goes down he turns into a night ninja.

Here is mattdogg getting ready for the night attack. don't mess with this man, he'll mess ya up. This orange ninja knows the art of war.

He is a guardin of the sacred pile of left-sided socks. You know when you buy a pair of socks and you always lose just one of them. So you end up wearing a pair of socks that don't match. I bet you spent hours and hours thinking of where the other sock went. Well, it goes to a secret pile in demision T, which is protected by mattdogg.

Not only does he use his huge muscles to protect left-sided socks, but he has a mysterious engery that radiates from his body that causes his victims head to exploded.

Pray that you never find this hardcore juggalo on the streets of Riverbank.

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