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Star Trek: TOS

Episode Name Date Aired Episode # Brief Decription
The Cage 1966 1 This is the first pilot. Watching this you might say to yourself, where the hell is Captain Kirk, and who is this loser they call Pike. You will never catch me calling Cristopher Pike Captain. He will forever be known as Critter Puke.
Where No One Has Gone Before 1966 2 Finally the Star Trek crew got rid of that loser Pike and brought in Captain Kirk. I am glad that they kept Spock "the women" Vulcan from the pilot. In this episode, Kirk's friend (Gary Mitchell) turns into a god-like being. This being no threat to Kirk, since Kirk himself is already a God. Get it since Shatner is a Megalomaniac.
The Corbomite Maneuver 1966 3 A hate bald babie, but I loved this episode. Corbomite is of course just something Kirk made-up, so please don't go around telling people that if we explode then we will exspells these dangerous gases. The only human alive that contains deadly gas is MattDogg.
Mudd's Women 1966 4 I been watching MTV for about a year now and I notice that people are wearing less and less cloths. What's up with that? I mean everyone is basically naked. Oh, yeah this episode was directed by Harvey Hart.
The Enemy Within 1966 5 It's winney Kirk versus cool Kirk. "I want to live. I want to live" says Evil Kirk. "You will. Both of us" says good Kirk. Good. Bad. I'm the one with the gun.
The Man Trap 1966 6 I just got this great idea how I can both learn spanish and write HTML. I will just pop in Espanol once in awhile in these helpful brief descriptions that don't even seem to talk about the damn episode. I mean, these description are just basically just some Basura Blanco mumbling about crap that nobody cares about. And yes I know I can't use accent marks, so don't bother pointing that out. All this complaining is making me hungry for salt
7 1966 7 I am sorry, but no one is naked in this episode, but maybe there might be an unrated (director's cut) of this episode and we can finally see Sulu butt naked. You know that Marc Daniels is one sick pervert.
Charlie X 1966 8 Story by Gene Roddenberry
Balance of Terror 1966 9 "Perhaps we could have been friend in another time" Okay, so that isn't exactly what he (Mark Lenoard) said, but it was damn close.
What Are Little Girls Made Of? 1966 10 Ever notice that Roger Ebert is getting fatter and fatter through out the years. We tried to make him a member of Fat sacs Inc. but that jerk told us to "F**k-off" I am not making this up. What, you don't believe me?
Dagger of Mind 1966 11 I am not going to even pretend I remember what this episode is about.
Miri 1966 12 I have the perfect insult. If you want to call someone a bad name, but don't want to be vulgar, you can all them an angiosperm. And that is what Marilyn Manson is an angiosperm.
The Conscience of a the King 1966 13 I have more important things to do in my life than to remember point-less facts about Star Trek. And by the way The Enemy Within episode is not number 35 it is number 5 , Duh.
The Galileo Seven 1967 14 Finally, spock is in command of his own ship. Sure his ship is a lousy Shuttlecaft, but hey, you got to start somewhere. This being the first episode to show the shuttlecraft. Actually, Taurus 2 looks like a cute planet to visit, not that I want to build a summer home there, but the rocks are actually quite nice.
Court Martial 1967 15 Kirk is put on trail for leading a crew man to his death. Did Kirk really kill off his crewman named Benjamin Finney on purpose, or is there something fishy going on? Jamie, the daughter of Benjamin Finney, named her after James T. Kirk. Mmmmm, I wonder if she is then going to grow up to be fat and bald just like Kirk.
The Menagerie 1967 16 This is a two part episode, but yet it is considered only one episode, now who's the crazy one. Yeah, another story about Critter Puke.
Shore Leave 1967 17 From some strange reason I always get this episode confused with This Side of Paradise. To remember the difference is to remember that this episode is about dreams of the crew becoming true, where Paradise is about spores going up Spocks nose. I actually really liked this episode simply because it suggested that the smatter you are the more your mind needs to play. So despite the fact that I am 21 years old, I still play video games. Woh, it feels good to finally come out of the closet.
The Squire of Gothos 1967 18 Trelane is a lot like Q I agree, but Q is by far more powerful and cool. I recorded this episode and it came out to be black and white. That doesn't make any sense, then again, neither does developing a star trek episode guide that is not funny nor informative.
Arena 1967 19 You get to see Kirk kick some Gorn booty. The teleplay was by Gene L. Coon; the guy you gave birth to the idea of klingons.
THe Alternative Factor 1967 20 "What about Lazarus? but what about Lazarus?" Can you imagine spending forever fighting yourself. Kind of makes ya think. would you send yourself to forever damnation to save the Universe, I sure in hell wouldn't.
Tomorrow is Yesterday 1967 21 Written by D.C. Fontana. notice that each epsiode Kirk is slowly getting fatter and fatter. Same as Scott.
The Return of the Archons 1967 22 No I have not seen this episode. Hey, it isn't my fault that Sci-fi sation never plays it. Now you might think it to be immature to review an episode I haven't seen, well, I guess you really don't know me at all.
A Taste of Armageddon 1967 23 I haven't tasted Armageddon, but i heard it tastes a lot like chicken.
Space Seed 1967 24 Kirk's ego Vs. Kahn's ego. Which will survive? William Shatner's ego being as big as Jennifer Lopez's ego; Ricardo doesn't stand a chance.
This Side of Paradise 1967 25 I didn't see this episode. Does that make me a horrible person? Oh it does, well, nevermind.
The Devil in the Dark 1967 26 One of the few Star Trek episodes that made me cry, of course I was high on nightquill. Written by Gene L. Coon. This is the episode where William Shatner's father passed away and this is also William Shatner's favorite episode because it reminds him of all of the good times he had with his father. The story is basically about a relationship between a Horta and her child.
Errand of Mercy 1967 27 Sure the Organians look innocent, but those bastards are not what they seem. Always talking about peace, god, it is enough to make you puke. written again by Gene L. Coon. I also really enoughed this episode as well.
THe City on the Edge of Forever 1967 28 "I could have saved her Jim. Do you know what you have just done?"--Bones to Kirk. Spock replies, "He know's, He Know's" This was an interesting episode it shows how peaceful actions could lead to unpleasant conclusions in the future. also I just love the Guardian of Forever which looks like a big giant donut.
Operation--Annihilate! 1967 29 First you learn Kirk has a brother and then he is killed off. What's up with that? Loved this episode with the flying pancakes that attach to your back.
Catspaw 1967 30 This episode is about a cat and his paw. Okay I didn't actually see this episode hey I'm not little stevie wonder; whatever.
Metamorphosis 1967 31 This episode contains a very young Zefram Cochrane and oh yeah some of the series' air dates might be wrong. This episode deals with love between a man and an alien. I really don't see what really is the big deal. I'm mean riker has non-human naughty relationships all the time.
Friday's Child 1967 32 I'm not sure if this episode was suppose to be funny but I laughed my arse off. This episode seemed like it was directed by ED WOOD. I also believe this is the quickest I ever seen a red shirt die. "He was young and inexpierence. It wasn't his fault" --Captain Kirk and my favorite quote when Bones hands Spock the baby and Spock replies, "I think not."
Metamorphosis 1967 31 This episode contains a very young Zefram Cochrane and oh yeah some of the series' air dates might be wrong. This episode deals with love between a man and an alien. I really don't see what really is the big deal. I'm mean riker has non-human naughty relationships all of the time.
Who Mourns for Adonais 1967 33 I haven't seen this episode yet.
Amok Time 1967 34 This episode introduces us to Pon farr; vulcans mating, not a pretty sight. Kirk and Spork are forced to fight to the death on Vulcan. Now remember that Leonard Nimoy invented the vulcan salute with "live long and prosper" [I am not sure if he invented that slogan].
The Doomsday Machine 1967 35 This episode has one of my favorire commodore: Matt Decker. This episode deals with a big giant worm like weapon-creature that goes through space gubbling planets and space ships up. All you can eat baby.
Wolf in the Fold 1967 36 Yeah, we all know it was scotty who killed all those women. I never really trusted scotty. Him always "accidently" beaming people off into space.Also this episode was written by Robert Bloch. What a weird name?
The Changeling 1967 37 Oh my god, it's that robort from Lost in Space and Dr. Who. I hate it when TV shows attack other TV shows.
The Apple 1967 38 Remember that Apples are good for you.
Mirror, Mirror 1967 39 Yep, this is a classic with Spock with a bread. I love mirror universe episodes. I wonder what I would be like in an alternate universe. "What kind of people are we?" --McCoy, which was used in an Information Society song (which is a 90's music group).
The Deadly Years 1967 40 the Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty and some other people of the enterprise is aging rapidly. Scotty looked good for being 100, now they should just add about 5 tons. Damn Pavel A. Chekov for not aging as well, that little brat.
I, Mudd 1967 41 Henry Mudd is back. And fatter than ever. Did you know that Bohemio means beatnik in spanish? Oh, you did. Well, we don't have to be sarcastic about it.
The Trouble with Tribbles 1967 42 The cutiest episode of all time. Tribbles are even more cute than those adorable creatures from the Star Trek TNG episode Conspiracy. "Well, he doesn't seem to like you at all" Kirk says to the Klingon spy.
Bread and Circuses 1967 43 Written by Gene Roddenberry and Gene Coon. This episode is about a Earthlike planet that is somewhat of a 20th Century Rome. And remember that the Sun is actually the SON (thanks for Uhura for pointing that out).
Journey to Babel 1967 44 Written by D.C. Fontana. This episode shows Spock's father Sarek, not to be confused with his lame brother sybox. and don't bother sending me E-mail about how I can't spell, because simply I won't care. and don't you think that it would be cooler to write EPIZODEs instead of EPISODES.
A Private Little War 1967 45 This about is about a War that is Private and yes I have not seen this episode.
The Gamesters of Triskelion 1967 46 Written by Margaret Armen. Do you remember playing Evil Dead: Hail to the King on Playstation and you go to that meatlocker and their is all those nude dead people handing on hooks? Yeah, that was cool.
Obession 1967 47 Written by Art Wallace. Kirk being obessed about something. No, couldn't happen.
The Immunity Syndrome 1967 48 To keep and maintain a high body immunity is important. SO keep eating those apples and keep away from sugar.
A Piece of the Action 1968 49 A planet full of 1920 Chicago Gangsters and baby dolls, so get your heaters ready, because we are read to fight. This episode had no stardate, why?, well probably because they were to busy or lazy to do one. (do one = done); think about it.
By any other name 1968 50 Story by some guy or thing called Jerome Bixby. Sometime I am afraid that my humor just may sometimes run dry and I am simply just not funny. of course, I guess that may be all of the time. but at least I am about as funny as that dork Bill Maher. I hate the show Politically Incorrect, simply because it is just a bunch of rich-dumb movie stars who think they know something about politics. and those Politicians who you really can't trust.
The Return of Tomorrow 1968 51 Sorry, I don't know what was wrong with me in episode 50, but I apoligize and we still love you Bill Maher. Okay dooky (if that is even a word), lovers of the past who died a half of half-million years ago "borrow" the bodies of the crew, so they can make android bodies of themselves. I thought I have seen this episode, but after reading the description in the Star Trek: Episode Guide I don't think I have.
Patterns of Force 1968 52 just pretend that I already described this episode to you.
The Ultimate Computer 1968 53 A computer that can replace Captain Kirk, I like to see that. I thought they already tried that in the pilot episode. Get it, Captain Pike Sucks, oh I mean Critter Puke. Ha, I bet you thought that I would not be consistent.
The Omega Glory 1968 54 Ever notice how every other episode name must start with "THE". This word is over rated and must go. This episode was written by Gene Roddenberry.
Assignment Earth 1968 55 I can't believe it already is the end of the second season, damn how time passes. And yes I used to eat paint chips when I was young. Why do people keep asking me that?