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Give Fred Durst A Break

By Hamilton X

warning: The views in this article do not repersent any of the views at this web page, for evidence has shown, that this writer might be an idiot.

Now it might be trendy to blame all of our problems on Mr. REDCAP, but is he really that bad. I mean, there are so many more things out there to make fun of, for example, MTV's Real World. Why would I want to watch a bunch of spoiled losers complain about being bored all of the time. Well, so-called "real world" people, if you find life difficult and boring here in the United States, try living in a month in Cambodia, and then we will see how much you will complain about living in a nice apartment with fellow good looking aspholes. Anyway, back to my point, Fred Durst, after awhile, kind of grows on you like green fungus. At first, since I am a big fan of Nine Inch Nails, I hated Fred Durst and all of his friends in Limp Bizkit, but after listening to the album chocolate starfish and hot dog flavored water, I began to like Fred Durst and his entire crew of freaks.

Some people compare Limp Bizkit to Rage Against the Machine and complain that Fred and his freaks are not political enough. First, I like Rage and respect their point of view (even if I disagree with them), but does all music really need to be political. Could we have party music, as well as, political music. Could we have room for more than one type of music, to fit our different moods. I like Nine Inch Nails when I'm feeling a little blue, but when I feel happy and have a slight case of over-stimulation I like listening to party music.

Is Fred a anti-woman and anti-gay? I don't really think so. First, most of the women in his videos are mostly covered; they don't show much skin at all. I know what you are thinking: Well, Hamilton Dork, even thou he doesn't have nude girls in his "Rollin'"&; and "Nookie" videos, but what about "Boiler". First, that video did have half naked women, but also had half naked men as well. Also, the video was gross and strange (It would have made the Adam Jones blush, so it doesn't really count. So you might not like him, and you might think he sucks, but should we really blame him for all of our problems and all of the problems with music. I think we have bigger fish to fry, lets say, MTV. If you want to hate anything, hate MTV.

Also, what is all of this talk of Insane Clown Posse being unoriginal. How are these freak clowns unoriginal. They wear clown make-up and sing rap. Clowns who rap and like watching wrestling. How is that anyway unoriginal? Who are they pretending to be? Can't think of anyone else who acts like violent J and Shaggy at the top of your head. The reason for that is because no one acts like them. The are very original. You might not like their music and think they suck, but saying they are ripping-off anyone or any culture is just a straight out lie.

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