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Nine Inch Nails: The Downward Spiral
This album came out around 1994. This is the first NIN album I listened to and I became a NIN fan for life. Finally music made by nerds for nerds. My favorite songs being closer, Heresy, and Mr. Self destruct. I was introduced to this record at the same time I was introduced to Star Trek and Underground and Alternative music.
Lard: The Last Temptation of Reid
This album is made up of four memeber. Two of the member, being Alien Jourgenson and Paul Barker, are from MINISTRY. The vocals, being jello Biafra, is also the lead singer to DEAD KENNEDY's. This is my favorite Lard album. A wicket combination of Industrial, punk, and heavy metal. and also drums: Jeff ward (you probably thought I would forget all about him)
Sneaker Pimps: Becoming X
This is their first and only good album. After they lost Kelli Ali they just became yet another techno english group. Now lets not speak of such deary things. When I first bought this CD I did not like it but after awhile it grew on me. This album is perfect for listening on a rainy day, while drinking coffee (even thou I have acid-reflux) or surfing the net. This album has strange lyrics and a groovy beat. Not to heavy and not to slow.
(hed)planet earth: Broke
This is truly a masterpiece. These kinds of groups are very rare, who mix lots of different styles together. Most groups tend to just have one type of sound and do different variations of that same soud, which makes the CD very monolithic. But this group mixes raggae, rap, deathmetal, heavy metal, industrial, R & B, Beach music, dance, and so on. The only problem with this album is that it contains a little misogyny.
Ministry: The Mind is a Terrible thing to Taste
This is the ultimate cult-classic. This album came out around 1989 and it kicks arse. Its not Ministry's heavist album, nor is it their softest, but it is simply their best. Ministry is made up of a lot of people, but the two main guys are Alien Jourgasen and Paul Barker.
Bad Religion: Stranger than fiction
It is difficult to pick my favorite Bad Religion song. You got to love this group; anthropolgist (Greg Graffin) who sings Punk. NOt only they are cool but you can also learn a lot from this album. I mean how many groups use the word "germinate" in their lyrics.
Public Enemy: It takes a Nation of Millions to hold us Back
This is my favorite Public Enemy CD, with "She Watches Channel Zero" and "Black Steel". This album is a must for any serious music collector and if you are into rap and hip hop and do not own any public enemy albums, well shame on you.
PJ Harvey: Rid of Me
This is her first main album and her best. Truly different from what you would find in the mainstream (not that I have anything against main stream). This is a combination of Bob Dylan and Patti Smith, a kind of a punk-folk alternative rock. Great music to listen to on a rainy day.
Chuck Berry: The Millennium Collection
Hey, don't laugh. We both are good old country boys. And a record that containede Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" was placed on the Voyager 1 space craft, so when aliens find it they will know what type of music we like to listen to. He also influenced the Beetles. John Lennon, "If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it 'Chuck Berry'"
Bjork: Homogenic
Before who think that Hamilton X is going soft, listen to track 09 (pluto) then who will know that Bjork can rock with the heavist and most hardcore music out there. She can easily beat up whimpy Trent Reznor and Megadeath. I do have to say that the cover is realllllly bizarre looking.
This was the first TOOL album I bought and I was not disapointed. I have to say that I came a TOOL fan at fist listen. Maynard's strong voice and Adam's creative drawings really captured me. THis is also the first time I heard of Bill Hicks.
Prince: The Very Best Of
Even if you don't like Prince, you have to buy this album. It has all his classics including: 1999, When Doves Cry, Let's Go Crazy, and so on.
Depeche Mode: Music for the Masses
Martin Gore, who has no relationship with Al Gore, has a great voice and is good at righting rhymes. I like most of their stuff, but I have to say that this one is my favorite album them and one of my favorite albums period. This music isn't heavy, but it also isn't boring as well.
Nine Inch Nails: Live
This album is coming out January 22, 2002. I must buy this album. it seems that it will contain 4 new songs. I looks like its going to be 2 cd longs. Also I must warn you that I wont be updating this part of my website again, since it no longer interests me. Well, I'm sorry, but I have a very short attention span, thats why I use the Internet instead of the library, sorry I mean Liberry.