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Deep Space Nine Episode Guide List

Episode Name Date Aired Episode # Brief Decription
Emissary 01/02/93 1-2 This is the first Deep Space Nine episode with specials guest Patrick Stewart. Remember that Commander Sisko hates Picard, since Borg Picard was responsible for killing his wife.
A Man Alone 01/16/93 3 Odo charged with murder? Did or didn't Odo kill his known enemy in the holosuite? Well, I am not going to tell you, you have to watch the episode first.
Past Prologue 01/09/93 4 Kira is forced to choose between her people (the pesty Bajorans) or the evil Federation.
Babel 01/23/93 5 N/A
Captive Pursuit 01/30/93 6 O'Brien (no, not Conan O'Brien, Miles) becomes friends with an alien, whose species is being hunted by another species.
Q-Less 02/06/93 7 This was the only time Q visited Deep Space Nine (not including any novels I have no read). This episode also has Vash (she was in two Next Generation episodes as well).
Dax 02/13/93 8 One of Lieutenant Dax's lives is charged with murder.
The Passenger 02/20/93 9 N/A
Move Along Home 03/13/93 10 This episode was originally called "Sore Losers". I got this information from the Internet, so you know it must be right. Anyway, I myself would be pretty ticked-off at Quark for decieving an alien race and getting me zapped into a life-threating game.
The Nagus 03/20/93 11 The Grand Nagus is the Ferengi leader of commerce. I, of course, copied that line word-by-word in my Star Trek: Encyclopedia
Vortex 04/17/93 12 This is mostly a Odo Episode. In this episode, Odo is being tempted by an alien convict, because the criminal knows, or claims he knows how to contact others like him.
Battle Lines 04/24/93 13 N/A
The Storyteller 05/01/93 14 Oh no, watch out for the Dal'Rok, go get O'brien to be our Sirah.
Progress 05/08/93 15 I'm a lazy person
If Wishes Were Horses 05/15/93 16 Fantasis coming to life might not be a good as it sounds; remember to be careful what you wish for. I still don't know why Dax was so angry at Bashir's "fantasy Dax". I mean, Bashir should be the one who is embarrased, not Dax.
The Forsaken 05/22/93 17 Lwaxana Tro know has her eyes set on Odo, since she couldn't get with old baldy, oh I mean, Captain Picard.
Dramatis Personae 05/29/93 18 I honestly don't remember this episode, even thou I have marked down that I watched it.
Duet 06/12/93 19 This is the episode where that a Cardassian pretends to be a infamous war criminal.
In the Hands of the Prophets 06/19/93 20 I think that the Bajorans should leave Keiko alone a let her teach the creation of the worm hole. Keiko O'Brien is played by Rosalind Chao, who also was in the movie, The Joy Luck Club.
The Homecoming 09/25/93 21 Kira still giving the Federation a hard time.
The Circle 10/02/93 22 N/A
The Siege 10/09/93 23 N/A
Invasice Procedures 10/16/93 24 What type of a sick pervert would steal the Dax symbiont.
Cardassians 10/23/93 25 If you ever had wondered what a Cardassian, who was raised by Bajorans, would act like then this is the episode for you.
Melora 10/30/93 26 Julian Bashir falls in love with an alien who's species can not walk in "9.8 meters per second" gravity. I don't know why but I liked this episode and I also like Bashir for some strange reason. Julian Bashir is played by Siddig El Fadil and remember it's Dr.
Rules of Aquisition 11/06/93 27 This episode is about a Ferengi female who dresses up like a male (Remember female Ferengies are not allowed to wear cloathes). and this female falls in love with Quark. Quark is played by Armin Shimerman.
Necessary Evil 11/13/93 28 Is Kira capable of Murder? Well, watch this episode to find out. Kira Nerys is played by Nana Visitor.
Second Sight 11/20/93 29 This is the first time Sisko falls in love, since the evil Picard killed his wife, Jennifer. Captain, oh I mean, Commander Sisko is palyed by Avery Brooks, who can speak five different language, just like Mick Foley.
Sanctuary 11/27/93 30 Something about Kira getting angry yet again.
Rivals 01/01/94 31 Happy New Year, oh wait a minute, it isn't 1994 anymore. Quark gets some competition with a new bar that just opened on Deep Space nine
The Alternate 01/08/94 32 Odo searches for his real home. Odo is played by Rene Auberjonois. Try saying that name five times really fast. Rene Auberjonois also played on other TV series as MASH (4077), BENSON, and SOAP.
Armageddon Game 01/29/94 33 Don't you just hate when you try to help out an alien race and they then try to kill you? I know I do.
Whispers 02/05/94 34 Did the entire crew of Deep Space Nine really change or is O'Brien losing his mind. O'Brien is played by Colm Meany, who has been in countless number of movies, such as The Van, The Road to Wellville, Die Hard 2.
Paradise 02/12/94 35 Sisko and O'Brien are stranded on a planet, who's population rejects the use of technology, in other words Space Quakers.
Shadowplay 02/19/94 36 Odo and Dax are trying to explain why people of a certain colony are just simply disappearing. Jadzia Dax is played by Terry Farrell, who leaves Deep Space Nine before the seventh season started.
Playing God 02/26/94 37 It would be neat to create your own little universe.
Profit and Loss 03/19/94 38 A Cardassian woman in love with Quark? Any woman in love with Quark?
Blood Oath 03/26/94 39 This deals with Dax's previous Klingon host.
The Marquis, 1 04/23/94 40 What ever happened to the Marquis anyway? The writter seemed to have frogotten about them after the federation declared war on the Dominion.
The Marquis, 2 04/30/94 41 If it ain't Star Trek than its crap
Wire 05/07/94 42 Garek is slowly being killed by an implant that was placed in his skull when he was a Cardassian Spy which releases pain killers (this of cousre would be used when he is being tortured). Will Julian Bashir save his friend in time, or will Bahir before to have his play dates with Miles. Garek is played by Andrew Robinson.
Crossover 05/14/94 43 Kira and Bashir are sent to an alternate universe (remeber they did something like this in TOS). In this Universe, the Bajorians are slave- owing power-craving creeps (I knew it all the long, they may look innocent, but we all know the truth).
The Collaborator 05/21/94 44 A love story which involes Kira.
Tribunal 06/04/94 45 This is the infamous "see O'Brien nude" episode.
The Jem'Hadar 06/11/94 46 This episode introduces us to the Jem'Hadar, a very cool species indeed.
The Search, 1 09/24/94 47 Damn the Dominion, Damn them to heck.
The Search, 2 10/01/94 48 Odo finds out about his people.
The House of Quark 10/08/94 49 Never lie about killing a Klingon, because that could lead you into serious trouble, as Quark will soon to find out.
Equilibrium 10/15/94 50 N/A
Second Skin 10/22/94 51 Kira is Kidnapped by the Cardassians. Will she escape or will she become one of them, well, watch and find out.
The Abandoned 10/29/94 52 Darn it Odo, stop trying to teach your ethic-humanity crap to a young and innocent Jem'Hadar.
Civil Defense 11/05/94 53 Remember that Deep Space Nine was owned by the Cardassians first, even thou it wasn't called Deep Space Nine. The DSP crew accidently sets off an automatic self-defense program that might destroy them and the station.
Meridian 11/12/94 54 Dax's new boyfriend will soon disspear into another dimension for about six years. Should she wait or dump the loser. Okay, I'm sorry. He isn't a loser, I should be more positive and sensitive about these types of things.
Defiant 11/19/94 55 Thomas Riker (Wil's evil twin) steals the Defiant and kisses Kira. The only thing that would of made this episode cooler is a brief guest appearance of Berlingoff Rasmussen (Matt Frewer or some might call him Max Headroom).
Fascination 11/26/94 56 This would be somewhat a Naked Now for DS9.
Past Tense, 1 12/31/94 57 Sisko, Bashir, and Dax are accidently transported back in time (about three centuries). I'm not sure if it was part one or two that had the hippies, but anyway I love this episode.
Past Tense, 2 01/07/95 58 Sisko must be someone he is not in order to maintain history and not screw-up the future for Earth.
Life Support 01/28/95 59 The problem with watching this episodes late at night is that you can't remember them all. This episode involves Vedek Bareil and Bashir with a bunch of Cardassians.
Heart of Stone 01/28/95 60 Kira is dying, will Odo tell her how he really feels about her. Yeah I know I poke fun at Kira a lot of the time, but acctually she really cool.
Destiny 02/11/95 61 N/A