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The Best of Cult Classics

This is the ultimate in strange. This movie was made around 1988. This movie is unrated and really short. It basically about metal fetish.

NURSE RAVEN: you can see on the Dr. Zombie website or show. She likes to seduce dumb young boys and kill them, which sounds cool to me.

Ash (Bruce Campbell) and the entire Evil Dead Series is everyting Cult should be. Evil Dead being directed by Sam Raimi. Also a very fun game, if you do not count the game play.

Deadalive, of course, the original name being BRAIN DEAD. You must see the Unrated version. I think this movie was made in New Zealand. "I kick arse for the lord" being one of the coolest quotes ever in a movie.

Charlton Heston is the man. You must see his Sci-fi Trilogy. OMEGA MAN is my favorite. And you can't have Charlton Heston without a gun.

Penn and Teller the Ultimate in dark magic. This movie is a must watch. I am still not sure if this is suppose to be funny or depressing.