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I am really tired of crappy televison,` aren't you? I mean it is all the same mindless materialistic wanna-be shocking, sexist, crap that they play and replay 24-7, so I thought up some new ideas that I would like to suggest to certain networks that might make interesting new shows.

Nuns Gone Wild:
The name says it all. Okay if you don't like that idea, how about "Real Real Girls Gone Wild" it involves college women vomiting and then vomiting some more. Sounds sexy doesn't it. What? you like the original better, well than I guess you really are not interested in candid camera.

The Carl Sagan Channel:
Carl Sagan all the time. I know his dead, but just grab his old programs and run them. Come on, don't you want to listen to how all your beliefs and ideas are wrong and silly. Hey we all need a little humbling.

Everyone Loves Mollusks:
Hey they are cute and cuddlie. Not only can you watch them in live action, but you can also adopt them as well.

Michael Jackson Can Cook:
Not only is he the king of Pop, but also the King of the Kitchen. Trust me michael, if you want chicks, this is the best way to meet them (despite the fact that most are over forty, but heck, you don't want to be too picky).

The Mating habits of the Ratfish:
I wish I had a Clasper on my forehead. And I hope to god you don't know what I'm talking about or you might have a lesser opinion of me.

Shawn Michaels Worship Hour
Give the ladies what they want.

The Boondocks:
What??? it's a good comic strip and they should also bring back THE CRITIC and DILBERT and maybe there would be something worth watching on TV. I still love FUTURAMA.

DR. Zombie
A guy who is obessed with horror flicks and walks around Modesto with make-up and strange looking eye contacts scarying the hell out of fundamentalist... And for the last time, NO I am not Dr. Zombie

Fun with Sponges
No it's not what you think...okay so it is.

Fun with Paul Booth
Know as THE Tattoo man. Watch his victims scream in agony and pain. Sounds cool doesn't it.

Monty Phython
Bring it back, it was a damn good show.

Rotten TV
Death and sex 24-7...give the people what they really want.

Who is dumber?
A quiz show where people try to show who is the dumbest of them all. Actually, I think they already have this show on NBC. This show will contain tought questions like: How many episodes did they make of Married with Children and Is it a good idea to tail gate the car in front of you just to get to the red light first?

Flies Copulating
A show that shows insects (no cross-breeding of course, since that is against the law, and I always respect the law [wink wink]), doing the nasty-nasty.