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It is my mission, if you like it or not to show the world crappy cult movies that I run across. I found this one by accident. I was in Suncoast and just randomly searching thou the horror section and found this movie; I like the cover so I bought the movie. This movie comes with preview of GAPPA and some other oddities from the East. The commercials are also as good as the movie itself. This movie was made in 1998 and is one of those Tokyo Shock movies. The setting is a mall full of teens and zombies. It all starts will a soda drinks that causes people to turn into zombies, you know, just like real life.

This movie contains the very lovely Angela Tong, who does the voice of Dee from Dexter's Lab (a very cool cartoon indeed). No you don't get to see her naked, but you do get to see her throw-up, which is just as cool.

SwordFish the movie is okay, but a little unrealistic and dorky, but I do enjoy watching Halle Berry, John Travolta, and Wolverine. Also, Remind me to flip off the next person who points a gun at my head.

michelle Rodriguez was from girlfight, blue crush, and resident evil, but she wasn't in this movie, but she should have been.

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