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Afroman, one of my finest masterpieces. Is he a man or is he an afro? You be the judge.

This style is very unique...okay so I lied this style is anything but original. I took this picture while the black nail polish on my fingers were still dripping. I washed my hand soon after to get off the black paint, even thou I see nothing wrong with a man painting his nails. It doesn't make him a you know what (what I minute I also part German, Uh-oh).

And if you don't like my here is a message to ya. Okay so this is the third finger I have on my webpage, but I am not a loser, until I have four finger-birds on my page.

my favorite T-shirt. I bought this at the Vintage Fair Mall around Halloween time. Why would a grown man take a picture of his cloths, well I spent a lot of time in isolation, and when you do that you tend to get a little strange. Isolation and shyness is a curse I would not wish upon my worest enemy.

well, I am just running out of ideas. This is me with a bread, sexy isn't it.

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