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Who is this dork ?

Now, I am sure you are all curious of who I am. and if you are not, you should be...darn it. Don't worry every episode is not going to be about me. That would even make me sick. so where should I start. I know. I will introduce my sweet [evil] cat kelly, who weights only about 5 tons.

I admit that I have an addictive personality. I am just addicted to the Internet. Some might see this as a problem, but really additions can be a good thing. Just think of all the Interesting people you can meet on MSN, the Internet and Yahoo. I mean, just look who I meet on the Internet, not to long ago. A young woman, who's favorite pass time is murder, know doesn't that sound wholesome.

And as you can tell I never run spell check and never check my writings after I just wrote them. That would explain my excellent and unique use of grammer and spelling. But enough about other people. I am going to give you what you really want...ME
Name: Diblo Blanco
Age: 2,002 years old
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Student
Viva en: Nowhere
Interests: Music/Books/Science/Art