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This movie was directed and written by Mary Harron. It is based on a novel written by somebody who I have already forgotten his name. You know how these things go. I just looked it up at Internet Movie Database and I placed the name in my short term memory banks, but alas the 40 seconds are up and the name is lost forever in the abyss called my brain.

This movie is about a young man named Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale) who looks human but doesn't feel human. The only emotions he feels is disgust and anger. This movie a Slasher/Thriller with a political message. It is basically about a man you loses himself in the rat race and in the race to gather the most material object, lost his sense of human compassion. warning, this movie is extremely violent and contains exxxtreme sexually themes. This is a must watch, if you are a sick bastard like me. They are making a second one, which was directed by Morgan Freeman and stars William Shatner.

check out this pic of Bateman, I am willing to bet that this is the only movie you will see a young woman running away from a naked man holding a chainsaw.

I am sorry, but I would review more of this movie, but I have to return some video tapes.

and click on this picture, it rock, despite the fact that is has nothing to do with this movie

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